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Custom Tiny Stamp

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A tiny version of your logo, insignia, or almost any image you want can come in handy when you are labeling or sending out any products. Message me to let me know this is the stamp you are interested in, and please attach a picture of the logo you are looking to stamp. I will let you know which variation of the stamp to buy (ranging from simple-difficult). 

If your stamp is too complex to do by hand, I highly recommend having it done by laser.

Great for stamping business labels, the point of an envelope, address labels, or even for stamping letterhead or business cards.

To get started: please email me at paperafternoon@gmail.com so I can see the logo you want to use or so we can talk about designing you a logo. 

****Should I get a hand-carved or laser cut logo?

-You should get what makes you happier! Laser-cut stamps are very precise and exact and offer a wider capacity to achieve tiny details and lettering. HOWEVER, hand-carving is unique and offers a handmade vibe that is irreplaceable. I also can achieve amazingly tiny work by hand too. Laser-cut is not made with latex free rubber, whereas hand-carving the rubber is latex free and offers a slightly deeper cut stamp. If you are still unsure, message me your logo and what size you need and we can figure it out together!

Be advised that a $15 charge will be applied if I am altering your logo design in any way. Please message me prior to buying. If you want a laser cut stamp I will need a VECTOR IMAGE PLEASE. You will need to email it to me at paperafternoon@gmail.com. If you are having the logo hand-carved, then I just need your finished, clear logo.

***WARNING: Do NOT purchase your stamp without first messaging me to determine how much your stamp will cost. Your purchase will be refunded.***

How your stamps are made:

The process is simple. After the stamp is carved, it is mounted to the reclaimed wood backing. A copy is stamped on top and the reclaimed wood is sanded and glazed over to add some shine and protection. No stamp pads are included with the order, but I suggest any Archival Ink pad. Your stamp has to be tested and used to stamp the wood it is mounted on before it arrives to you, so please do not be alarmed if there is a residue of ink on the rubber. Ink is normal. Carved to order. Stamp design will vary slightly because it is hand carved. Wood type/ grain always varies because it is reclaimed.

-Each stamp is shipped in safe mailers. Includes care instructions.

-As always, I appreciate your business. Add me on Instagram @paper_afternoon for sneak peeks and coupons!