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Veggie & Flower Seed Stamp

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These two laser cut seed stamp designs are great for making your own packets to store your seeds from each season. The line in the design makes it very easy to write in what type of seeds you have in your envelope or handmade packet. You can use the flower design for flower seeds and the veggie design for veggies to easily distinguish what is what when you're thumbing though your seeds. If you prefer hand carved, I also offer a hand carved design in my shop made from latex free rubber.

How your stamps are made:

The process is simple. After the stamp is carved, it is mounted to the reclaimed wood backing. A copy is stamped on top and the reclaimed wood is sanded and glazed over to add some shine and protection. No stamp pads are included with the order, but I suggest any Archival Ink pad. Your stamp has to be tested and used to stamp the wood it is mounted on before it arrives to you, so please do not be alarmed if there is a residue of ink on the rubber. Ink is normal. Wood type/ grain always varies because it is reclaimed.

-Each stamp is shipped in safe mailers. Includes care instructions.

-As always, I appreciate your business. Add me on Instagram @paper_afternoon for sneak peeks and coupons!